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Amit Mahajan geocities
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Health - including kayak, triathlon



Devops Reactions
DBA reactions
funny pics
funny videos

Randy Pausch: Time Management

Have a plan - TODO list - do the ugly one first
Covey's TODO : Imp/not-Imp vs Soon/Not-Soon - Focus on Imp but not soon. Will get less of imp and soon.
Clear desk and inbox
Thank you note cards on desk
Time journal - log how spend every 15 min
Procastinate - create fake deadlines, Ask others
Delegate - empower, specific task/deadline, challenge people, Let them choose path, they will surprise you, praise
Meeting minute - summarize conclusion and action items
Kill TV
Hire - throw money at problem
Read books -

Randy Pausch: How to liveHave dream and work to achieve. Anything is possible.
Have fun - be child, be silly
Importance to people not thing
Play well with other - Tell truth, say sorry when at fault, people are good, say thanks - give cards
Never complain, just work harder
Help others


Spirituality and philosophy

Epicurus: 3 source of happiness: friends, freedom, analyzed life

Socrates: find convictions that you can stick with, not follow as sheep.

Seneca: 1AD, stayed in Rome. Focus on anger: because we are hopeful about world, solution: lower the expectation . Like traffic, assume people drive bad, have traffic. Realize what we can change and what we can't change. Change the attitude toward what we can't change. Prosperity festers anger. Wealthier you are the more expectations one will have. Stress: solve it by things of things that can go wrong, don't always think things will will be fine.

Michel de Montaigne: We determine what is normal, can prosecute those/things which are not normal. Travelling shows us how narrow our minds are by showing other normal. Don't be judgmental.

Nietzsche: greatness is acquired, by hard work. Without pain, can't achieve success. Pain in worth it. Difficulty is normal. How we meet failure varies.


List of atheists: Buddha, Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Soros, Zuckerberg, Bruce Lee, HG Wells, Picasso, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ayn Rand, Kamal Hassan, Charlie Chaplin,
Scientist: Edison, Nobel, Watson, Oppenheimer, Linus Torvalds


Travel list
rental car insurance: Damage waiver
rental car insurance: liablity
rental insurance: credit car vs rental company
Car rental in Europe

Visa photo (ID photo)
ID Photo 4 u

New York Restaurant

Quay's, Hoboken
Turning Point, Hoboken
Haven: 244 East 51st st. (bet 2nd and 3rd) New York, NY 10022 212 906 9066
Pranna (nice bar) 79 Madison Avenue at the corner of 28th street
Kush Lounge (Hukka) 191 Chrystie St (bet Stanton and Rivington St) , New York, NY 10002. Tel: 212.677.7328 Directions: Take the F to 2nd Avenue.
Plunge Bar & Lounge. Rooftop. 18 9th Avenue (at corner of 13th st) New York, NY 10014

New York places to see

The Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53 Street, Bet 5th and 6th Ave
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Avenue (82nd st)
Guggenheim Museum, 1071 5th Avenue, (at 89th Street)

Places near New York

Alstede farm for farm picking

New York parking violations

Bus stop: start of bus stop till next parking sign, if no sign then till end of block. Yellow curb does not have meaning.
Fire hydrant: 15 feet away from bus stop.

Traffic cams

NJ cameras
Lexington Ave @ 57 ST
Lincoln Tunnel


NJ transit bus location
Mid town ferry to office by bike

visa H1

H1 count
OPT FAQS, cap-gap, stem forum


Anything is possible: mom with no arms, drives too


Dubai radio
Online Youtube to mp3
Dubai city 1016 radio
Dubai radio

car total loss

Car total loss


Specs for all Cars, old/new. Awesome!!!! 2009 G37 review video
carmax G37 29k miles for 29k
KBB Acura TL 2003. Excellent 10.3k, Good 9.6k
Audi A4 specs
Edmunds infiniti G37 2011
Edmunds 2011 G25
Edmunds 2011 G37x
Edmunds 2009 G37x
Edmunds Audi A4
Edmunds Audi 2011 A4 Quattro Premium
Edmunds Acura 2012 TL
Edmunds BMW 2011 328i
KBB value G37x 2009 with Nav

Legacy Infiniti Used
Infiniti Manhasset. Pre-owned.

G37 Install camera

2010 Audi A4 Quattro Premium. 14k miles for 30k.
2009 G37x. 18k miles for 27k. search 2009 G37.
Ramsey 2009 G37x 29,785.
2009 G37 camera is optional.

2009 G37x review.
Infiniti G37x track test. Very good video.

Rescue tools, Antivirus, Malware, Spyware

Disable autorun for drives.
Autorun disabled by default on Windows 7, link to enable or check if enabled
Remove "Hacked by Godzilla" virus
Remove restrictions tool (when disabled task manager, regedit, folder)
cnet top 5 anti-spyware: Spyware Terminator, SuperAntiSpyware,
Sysinternals autorun: all startup/autorun tasks
Unlocker: copy/deleted locked or in user files. Awesome.
WhoLockMe: find the processes that locked file


Phones review
sprint phones
upcoming sprint phones
Sprint SERO plan holders, plan upgrades coming in October


Raid levels (0=striped, 1=Mirror, 0+1=stripped mirror, 3=parity disk, 5=parity to all disk, 6=2 partity disks
PDF in chrome issues: stop PDF opening in browser option in Acrobat. Pref->Internet->"Display in Browser"
deleting - error - printing => control panel - admin tools - services - print spooler. restart the print spooler service. Delete job again if required.
Max FAT32 volume size = 32GB
FAT file system
Cleaning Brother ink (Ink option on printer left panel)
2GB to 3GB limit for WinXP
CD burner, iso image extractor
Save .flv files of flash played in Chrome. Caches in C:\Documents and Settings\Amit\Local Settings\Temp. Don't close Chrome. File is locked. User unlocker program.
2009 NetBooks Reviews-- TopTenREVIEWS
Cleaning Brother ink (Ink option on printer left panel)
image drives/sd-card. win32-image-writer.
win32-image-writer. Click read to safe image to disk. Click write to put the saved img to disk.

My system and wishlist

IP35 downloads
8 port wireless router

Laptop dm4

ESC key to enter bios.

Fn key behavior by default (Action key in BIOS) HP dm4
Best buy

Laptop HP Pavilion dv6100 CTO Notebook PC

HP link for laptop
HP Driver and support
BIOS list
Battery recall
3GB limitation: P945PM cannot support 4GB of ram only 3GB.

dm4 installed software

Bloomberg (terminal, citrix)
Real player - youtube download plugin
ZoneAlarm - simple no add on features
Google - Chrome, talk
Brother printer driver
Apache web server,


Live CD. Run from CD. Ubuntu Live CD

RAID setup

my web server
Synology. Synology,Internal.
File station. File station, internal.
Photo station. Photo station, internal.

synology wiki
synology as web server
Synology Hybrid RAID vs RAID 1 layout
SOLUTION TO GET RAID1: if you delete your volume, and press the 'create' button and go through the wizard again, don't choose the recommended option; choose custom instead. Then when you tick your 2 drives and progress to the next page, you'll see all the raid option available - including Raid1. I did it and now my Volume Manager says "RAID 1 (with data protection)" in the Type row. mount RAID1 disk. in general users can read their HD with an additional ext2 driver on windows or simply with a Linux system. Regardless if it was a basic or a raid1.
How to manually mount a USB Hard Disk
How to get data off the disk when synology station is broken. sudo mount -r -t ext3 /dev/sdb3 /media/synology
Manually Mount Harddisk. Submit a support formand give Synology support remote access to your DS, they will remount your HD.
How to retrieve data from RAID Volumes on Linux
steps to recover data from RAID1. My steps:
use Knoppix Live CD. 
connect one of RAID1 HDD to SATA port.
Boot Knoppix Live CD.
Run: fdisk -l, to see the list has RAID1 HDD. It will appear as /dev/sdb[123], system: "Linux raid autodetect". 3rd one, /dev/sdb3 has the volume that has the data.
Run: sudo bash
Run: mdadm-startall, get console trace: 
      "Assembling MD array md2...done (degraded [1/2]). 
       Generating udev events for MD arrays...done."
Run: cat /proc/mdstat, has data: 
     "Personalities : [raid1]
      md2 : active raid1 sdb3[0]
      972041280 blocks super 1.1 [2/2] [U_]
      unused devices: " 
Run: mkdir /tmp/synology
Run: mount /dev/md2 /tmp/synology. 
Run: ls /tmp/synology, vola: The files of RAID1 are listed. :)
Synology 3rd party software
Synology 3rd party software (link to guide to install)
nlite: nLite is a tool for pre-installation Windows configuration and component removal or add driver
Install SATA driver without floppy
setting RAID1 on existing system
Enable AHCI after windows installed
Repair after Blue screen after BIOS SATA IDE to RAID
Fix after IDE to RAID


Panasonic FH20 review
compare camera feature, link to gallery of pics from camera
ZS10 launch Jan 2011. 16x zoom. Touchscreen.
ZS7 review. awesome.
Canon sd4500. bad reviews.
ZS5 review. Highly recommended.
ZS7 review. Highly recommended.



hudson pointe

building link


jet stream location
jet stream accuweather - New York
underground weather: NY
accuweather: NU


foliage network
Flight status: Best
Flight status: another good site


NJ temples


wiring thru walls

Rubbermaid storage shed 3746, shelf size at end of inst

wiring thru walls

wiring articles

AV wiring
article 1
article 2
article 3
av wiring2

stud finder

No#1 stud finder

fish tape

fish tape
best sellers

Recycling rules: New York, NYC Recycling

Sticker/poster order
Sticker/poster order
Blue - plastic/glass/metal recycling
Green - paper/carboard recycling


burner cap item: medium WB29K10001, large WB29K10006


Roomba forum

Roomba fix at from ebay seller

youtube test and fix
youtube roomba repair
Roomba in reverse issue and solution
protechrobotics LED/PT led
LED/PT on ebay
How to clean roomba

Taxi cabs

Newark cab rates

Laptop battery issues

battery debug flow chart
replace internal cells

Interesting discussions

Horus, the early Jesus
Jesus Christ in comparative mythology


pussy cat dolls: Jai Ho
Black Eyed Peas:
snoop dog
Rihanna - Umbrella


1971 The Lightning Concept
1971 details
pbs documentary
Coldest War by Teru Kuwayama


Gen Sagat Singh
Men who made history

Saeed Malekpour
Weird reaction from people... in video and in comments...
Ally from hell
enter madness
mob nation
real pak