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Finance - cash withdrawn in India

1. Chase: Rs 10,000 from SBI ATM @ 49.75, due to $6 fees.
2. BofA: Rs 10,000 from IDBI ATM @ 50.25, $7 fees.

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Personal Finance Statement
Personal Finance Statement

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12 Lessons for Investors From 2008 -
What Your Home Will Be Worth in 2012
What Your Home Will Be Worth in 2012 (article 2)

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Refund of Social security & medicare
Refund of Social security & medicare
Refund of Social security & medicare



Housing: tax

IRS Publication 527 (2011), Residential Rental Property
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IRS: How to Depreciate Property
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Hudson Pointe (Apt)

Wall color



1383 Herkimer St (Apt)

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NJ property tax, property sale. Block 438, Lot:1.01. Qual:C0122
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East orange 2 bed for 89k

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bankrate rate in NJ for 15yr/30yr/5-ARM

Mortgage Calculator (2859.53@3.5/15)(2958.75@4/15) (2147.29@5/30)
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S&P | Indices > Alternative Indices - S&P/Case-Shiller® Home Price Indices - Home Price Values Median Home Asking Price & Inventory Data for Baltimore, Maryland
foreclosure listings
foreclosure listings
house. Loan 100k: 30yr 500, 15yr 700
MLS search on hoboken homes
2 bhk townhome up the bull ferry rd for 339k. MLS ID: 120002484
1 bhk kingston pointe for 200k. Tax 9k (its after reassessment!!). Maint:400. mls id: 120005399
1 bhk kingston pointe for 200k.Tax 9k. Maint:400. MLSID=110013413
1 bhk kingston pointe rent for 1900. MLSID=120008092
2bhk 8125 river rd. 439k. tax 13k. maint=866. mlsid=120005644
2bhk kingston pointe sold for 275k in May 2012.
1bhk kingston pointe sold for 197k in Jun 2011
125 promenade. Bank owned. 400k. 8/20/2012
looks city pl. 2br 488k.8/20/2012
Looks city pl same apt. Rent 3500.
Crown ct. 375k. 8/20/2012
Crown ct. Rent 2200. 8/20/2012

Hudson Park. 2bhk. 364k. mls:1231281. 9/4/12
Hudson Park. 2bhk. 400k. mls:1228055. 9/4/12

Can you please provide me with few details regarding the condo:
1. What is the size of the apt?
2. Can you please provide floor plan of the apt.
3. What are the monthly HOA fees?
4. How much are the yearly properly taxes?
The details will help me better determine if the apt is suitable for me.