Passport: visa, Green Card, insurance, license
Print outs: Hotel, car
Camera: charger, SD card, battery
Phone: charger: wall and car, battery
Laptop: B-unit, RSA key
Eye shades
footwear: sneakers, formal, socks, slippers
Sport: Tennis, cards, games, fresbee
swim: swim google + anti fog, swim shorts, snorkel gear, Casual: TShirt, shorts,
Weather: Jacket, sweater, umbrella, gloves, sunscreen, lipguard, cream,
Toiletries: brush, paste, shave, medicines, hair/head,
Home: heat and AC off
plastic bags
Food: snacks, chewing, fruits, veggies,
Suspend NY times
USPS mail hold
Setup dropcam
Medicines: fever, pudin hara, citrizine, halls, vicks,

Diaper bag, Wipes, Diapers, 
Food: Bibs, Parle g, Spoons, Sippy cup, cereals, orange juicer, welch, yogurt, fish, cookies
Clothes: Blanket, Night suits, socks, shoes
Sun: Caps, Sun screen, googles
Medicines: thermometer, fever reducer (full)
Moisturizer, Wash soap, Bath tub, nail cutter, hair pins, 
Toys, books, 
Swim: swim suit, swim shoes, swim diapers, water float
Plastic bags, Ziplocks, Tissues