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Hyper Text markup language is a scripting language which has codes and syntax like any other computer language.
HTML file can have the extensions such as .htm, .html, .shtml
HTML document is a simple text while which when opened in a browser looks for HTML codes and uses them to change the layout.
The basic structure of a HTML page has HEADand BODY where head consists the title and the technical information and bodyconsists of the content taht has to be displayed on the web page

There are different tags used for

  1. TEXT
  2. : examples are:
    • <font size=2>
    • <p aligh=left>
    • <pre>
    • <H2>
    • <i>
  4. :
    • <img src= location of the image border=1 width=100 height=75>
  5. LINKS
  6. :
    • <a href=name of the site>
  9. :
    • <table border=2cell padding=3cell spacing=3>
    • <tr width=30height=10>
    • <td width=15height=60>
  10. FRAMES
And these tags have attributes to specify the desired property such as
  1. Font size of the text
  2. Font color of the text
  3. Background color of the page
  4. Table width and height
  5. Alignment of the text
  6. and more..
There are many HTML tutorials. Some of them which helped me are
Intro for HTML
Codes chart
HTML in general
HTML quick tutorial

In Extensible Markup Language(XML) one use it own codes, tags as desired for the structure of the webpage, the tags are not fixed as in case of HTML
In XML closing tag must be there. Such as for <p> in HTML closing tag is not important but in XML it is important.
XML tags are case sensetive i.e. the tag <tool> is different and <TOOL> is different.
In XML tags are to be closed in first in last out such as:
            Mr. James Smith
CSS is an addition to the HTML, defining things once rather than defining everything on HTML repeatedly.
WIth CSS one has to type less codes and updating of the web page is easier.
With a slight change in style sheet one can change the total outllook of the entire web page. For example, I used following in my style sheet:
B.headline {color: blue; font-size: 12px; font family:city blue print; text-decoration:underline}
Now only slight change in my CSS will change the color, font size and font face of all headings.