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"The habit of calling a finished product a Design is convenient but wrong. Design is what you do, not what you've done."
Bruce Archer, The Guardian
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7400 River Road
Apt. 122
North Bergen
New Jersey 07047


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The building was completed in Dec. 1925 and declared as a heritage building on Feb 15th 1993 The objective was to develop an understanding of important buildings through study and analysis. Did the intricate detailing of exterior facade and interiors.
The complex comprises of Post Office building along with B.S.N.L office, speed post, Guest house,Senior Superintendent post office, dispensary and housing. The architectural focus of the entire complex is the Post Office building with its symmetrical façade.


Different types of arches are used keeping in mind the harmony as a whole. Repetition of arches give rhythmic pattern.
Cornices are used to crown the horizontal top of the building and continue all around the building. Cornices are made up of bricks which show the skilled labour work of that time.
Porch projected in the center of the building welcomes and provides shelter for visitors. The three centered arch with inter columnar distance 14’-9” on the sides enhances the beauty of the porch.
The vertical mass void composition of the parapet seems to be crowning the solid façade all over.