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"The habit of calling a finished product a Design is convenient but wrong. Design is what you do, not what you've done."
Bruce Archer, The Guardian
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ABOUT Auto CAD....

Auto CAD is used by designers, architects, planners etc. for 2 and 3 dimensional designing and planning of their design projects from conceptual to completion stage. It has many tools for conceptual, documented and final rendered design.
Auto CAD has menus, toolbars, tool palettes and design center to make the work easier and efficient.
Till now there have been many updates for the Auto CAD softwares like:

  • Auto CAD 2000
  • Auto CAD 2i
  • Auto CAD 2002
  • Auto CAD 2004
  • Auto CAD 2005
  • Auto CAD 2006
  • and the latest Auto CAD 2007

There are many tutorials on internet to learn Auto CAD such as:

Auto CAD tutorial
Audio tutorial
Makes CAD learning very easy

ABOUT 3D Studio Max

For making views, rendering, and animations 3-D Max is highly efficient software. It has highly effeicient features which helps to eachieve creative results of designing in less time. Its really interesting to wdesign with this software as u can play with different materials and see the results at same time. The software has tools for

  • Rendering
  • Visual effects
  • Rendering
  • Differnet Materials and Textures
  • Animation

Some links for basic understanding of the software:

3d tutorial