Triathlon - swim

Tri tank and shorts
Wetsuit + Cap + Ear plug
swim goggles + anti fog

Triathlon - T1

2 bottles of water to rinse legs
clean wipes, napkins, towel

Triathlon - Bike

Helmet + Bike gloves + Googles
Socks + Shoes
Tubes + CO2 + Tire lever
Bike pump + Floor pump
2 Water bottle => gatorade + water
Bars + Gels
Sun screen 

Triathlon - Run

Running cap 
sun glasses
sun screen
leg/knee strap/wrap
head/wrist band


1. Start practice 2 months in advance, to have muscles get used to
2. Sit properly to ensure don't have pain in body due to posture. Put leg flat or stand up.
3. RICE: ice the muscles with ache, deep massage them

Cap + Sunglasses + Sunscreen 
Compression socks + calf compression
Gatorade - fuel belt 
Bar + chewy candy + banana
Clip for cash, metro card, credit card, ID, medical ins, car ins, band aid
plastic bag for keeping phone and clip

Tight clothes to prevent rash by friction (funny: prevent ass rash)
Funny stuff but imp: nipple guard - band aid and Vaseline
Bandaid for pinky toe finger to prevent rash.
Vaseline on body to prevent rashes

Brooklyn Half Marathon:
1. Park at 906 Union St parking (its accessible even on race day)
2. Get parking reservation 2 days in advance
3. Race people says corral closes at 7:20 and race starts at 7:45. However, I ended started at 8:10 on 5/20/17.
4. More restroom ahead, don't queue up initially. They have long lines.
nipple irritation