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IETools IETools is set of toolbar buttons for Internet Explorer to automate certain tasks like searching Google and looking up word/phrase at Wikipedia or dictionary website.
The normal procedure to carry out the tasks for the text in the web-page is to:
  1. Select the text
  2. Open a new IE window
  3. Open or
  4. Paste the text in the text field
  5. Click on the search button
With the new toolbar the procedure is simplified to:
  1. Select the text
  2. Click one of the three buttons G (for Google), M (for, N (for opening link in new window), or W for searching in Wikipedia.
Download IETools.exe

NOTE: Currently the toolbar button are not visible with the new IE7 interface. You can however still use the IE7 engine with IE6 interface by launching IE from Windows\IE7\IExplorer.exe!!! Link about IE6 interface in IE7 . Please email me if you know how to use toolbar buttons in IE7 with new interface.

Lazy: The software that lets us be lazy about typing

I becha ya don't like typing certain text like your phone number or address again and again. Here is software that takes away the effort - Lazy!!!
A solution to the repeated requirement of typing name and other input in the web forms while browsing or in any windows application.
Text strings are assigned to various keystrokes. On receiving an assigned keystroke, set the current window text to the corresponding text string.

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Implemented an invincible tic-tac-toe program. Its works on my method of playing tic-tac-toe. Programmed using C language and its graphics library.


Terminate Stay Resident (TSR) provides support for DOS multitasking. Interrupt vector table for clock interrupt was chained.
Logs the keystrokes to steal the passwords or other typed text.
Winthief is windows version of the program which hooks to keystrokes.


Created middle button support in Windows NT for double click. Hooks to mouse operations and on receiving middle button click emulates double click by generating two clicks of left button.


Client-server architecture based tool to execute commands on remote system. Remote system has server listening for client requests. On receiving a command, the server executes it by spawning a new process.
Used by SMART project to use SMART server box to build the project in fraction of time it took on desktop machines.