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To obtain a full-time position in the field of software design and development which gives me an opportunity to use both my knowledge and experience.





Master of  Science, Computer Science


GPA :  3.75/4.0



University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)




Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering


GPA : 3.88/4.0 (69.33%)



University of Pune, India

First Class with Distinction







Java, C, C++( STL, multithreading), Perl, shell scripts, VC++ (MFC, Win32, NT Services)


Operating Systems

Windows NT/2000/XP/9X/ME, Solaris, Linux (including Kernel Development), Mac


Web Technologies

Servlets, JSP, HTML, XML, Socket programming, Client-Server architecture


Network Protocols



Software Packages

Rational Rose (OOAD), Windows Device Driver Kit (DDK), Ethereal, Visio, Ant



SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Access, ODBC, JDBC



Software Developer, Plethora Technology, Charles Town, WV

02/2003 – present


·         Involved in design, development, and enhancement of Port Forwarding, Virtual Private Network (VPN), USB Utilities, Instant Messaging, Text Conferencing, Input Detect, Licensing, Resource Agent, Message and Server Event Logging modules of Perspective™.

·         Designed and developed secure Port Forwarding (PF) between two machines that may not be able to communicate with each other. Efficient bandwidth and CPU utilization were considered in the design.

·         VPN module includes Windows Network Driver development (NDIS) and processing DHCP configuration.

·         Developed USB utility to access details like serial number and product ID of the USB mass storage devices.

·         Worked on memory leak problems and tuned the JVM to achieve better performance and scalability of server.

·         Ported Resource Agent to Linux and Mac platforms to remotely access the file system and administer the system.

·         Designed the extension of the Plugin architecture of the system to support easier integration of components.

·         Used C, C++, and Java on Windows and Linux platforms including lot of other software applications and tools.

Research Assistant,  UMBC, Baltimore, MD

08/2002 – 01/2003


·         Worked on optical network test-bed that supports quality of service (QoS) for high bandwidth data streams.

·         Modified TCP/IP stack of Linux kernel to support new socket options and type of service (TOS) values.

·         Modified open source applications (GnomeMeeting and MPEG4IP) to utilize the QoS provided by the network.

·         Used C and C++ on Linux platform.

Intern, Fannie Mae, Washington, DC

05/2002 – 08/2002


·         Designed and developed “Audit and Repair Tool” to monitor health of organization wide installations of Sybase clients. Discrepancies between the baseline for the client installation and clients were put on a web page and repair scripts were generated to rectify the problems.

·         Designed the tool to minimize network traffic, database access, and computation requirement.

·         The development was in Java, Shell Scripts, Perl, and HTML on Solaris platform.

Research Assistant,  UMBC, Baltimore, MD

01/2001 – 05/2002


·         Designed and implemented “Adaptive Multimedia System Architecture”, an adaptive end systems based architecture to improve quality of service (QoS) in wireless networks for multimedia data delivery.

·         The system is independent of underlying network for use in any wireless network. It improves perceptual value of the data received and avoids congestion in the network by reducing the bandwidth requirement.

·         Used scalability feature of MPEG video standard to perform graceful adaptation in case of bandwidth variation, an inherent and common problem in wireless communication.

·         Implemented new NS-2 modules for simulations using C and Perl on Linux platform.

Amit Mahajan


Associate Software Engineer, VERITAS Software, India

09/2000 – 12/2000


·         “Logical Disk Manager (LDM)” provides disk usage analysis, RAID techniques, and dynamic disk storage configuration to support efficient disk utilization, continuous data availability, and data protection.

·         Used Java and VC++ for development on Windows NT platform.

Software Design Engineer, Mahindra British Telecom, India

04/2000 – 08/2000


·         Was promoted as a team leader for the “SMART” project. Additional responsibilities included assigning tasks to team members and communicating with onsite team regarding project requirements and status of work.

·         Designed, implemented, and unit tested new Appointments module.

Software Engineer, Mahindra British Telecom, India

08/1998 – 03/2000


·         “SMART”, Customer Service Center (CSS) software for British Telecom with over 7000 live sites.

·         Involved in design, development, enhancement, and maintenance of various modules.

·         Developed “RemoteAdmin” for remotely using server resources for project activities.

·         Implemented modules for communication, configuration, and data access from Oracle database in VC++.

Intern, VERITAS Software (Frontier Software), India

05/1997 – 06/1998


·         Designed and developed “Response Time Monitoring (RTM)”, a network administration tool for Windows NT to profile and monitor enterprise intranets and Internet.

·         Implemented packet analyzer, route tracing, and database access modules in C/C++ and user interface in Java.











Broadband cost calculator

Thief / Winthief






Distributed File System (DFS)


·         Designed and simulated DFS featuring load balancing, replication, and fault tolerance using Java.

·         Frequently accessed files are replicated to balance the load and increase the availability.

·         Preserved file consistency by invalidating the cache and replica during write access.

On-line Shopping Store


·         Implemented a full featured on-line shopping store for CDs and DVDs using Java Servlets.

·         Preserved shopping cart items across multiple logins using session management and cookies.

Middleware for distributed databases


·         Designed and developed a middleware for distributed database sources based on shipping of code and/or data with the objective of reducing the overall volume of traffic

·         Based on Volume Reduction Factor, data-reducing queries are executed at data-sources using code shipping.

·         The data inflating queries are executed near the client using data shipping.

Authentication system for mobile systems


·         Designed and simulated an authentication system to provide end-to-end security for mobile systems.

·         System sets up secure communication between nodes based on key fragments obtained from multiple servers.



Network Architecture

Principles of Database Systems

Java Server Technology


Mobile Computing

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Advanced Operating Systems


Distributed Multimedia Systems

Advanced Computer Architecture








Adaptive Multimedia-System Architecture for Improving QoS in Wireless Networks 

Accepted  for The Third IEEE Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM 2002)



Master certified by Brainbench in OO Concepts, Java 2, and C++. Link to Brainbench’s online transcript.


Runners up in the university intramural Badminton championship


Stood first in high school in Lonavla town (India) in All India Senior Certificate Examination (AISSCE)



Available on request.