The story of Ohm: Fall 2010
We like pretty, we like easy.
We like dressy, we like relax.
We like sexy, we like casual.

It was an interesting combination we were looking for in clothes! Who said it’s a crime to want to look pretty and sexy but without the effort! That was our light-bulb moment!
We were ready to create something the women were going to thank us for-sexy tops and tees that could be paired with jeans and still turn heads!

The concept started taking shape quickly…why not this? Why not that? Sky was the limit! This was exciting…we were creating our dream wardrobe!

Ohm was finally born… A brand that would breathe attitude and charge the spirit of young women all over the world, built on a different vibe with faster movements and less safety measures.

The first collection came a few months later, in the Fall of 2010. It was the ultimate test of our belief. And it worked! The new approach to this “casual couture” style got a lot of acclaims, and so did the designs and affordable price-level.

Ohm operated through word of mouth, slowly expanding boundaries across the globe.

Our mantra: “Laid-back Couture”